With so much happening during this season, we want to spend time truly getting to know one another, focusing on family and community.


We believe that Harbour At Home will be the best environment for people to engage with one another and experience mentorship, friendship, and discipleship. If you are called to lead others on their journey to love God and people, then facilitating a Harbour at Home group may be right for you!

  • Watch Online
    10 AM

    How It Works:

    • Gather every Harbour at Home Sunday at 10am.
    • You choose your Harbour At Home Crew! Invite neighbors, friends, co-workers, church family, or even just those within your household, whatever feels comfortable, to watch the service with you. You can even gather digitally!
    • Watch the Harbour At Home Service
    • Using prompts and points from each service, spend time diving into conversations and discussions with your Harbour at Home crew.
    • Engage, encourage, and pray with one another!


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