Wednesday, April 05

Spoken Word

The spoken word is a powerful instrument. It can create worlds - it can describe lands that are both near and far, allowing the minds eye to view through a creative lens into lives and reveal the faces of those you could never know or see. It can capture moments in time and create in-roads to the future; like seed pearls that are cast into tomorrow, creating vision on blank slates. Words can stir the colors, sights and senses of imagination in the hearts of humanity. Words can also be the worlds most destructive weaponry known to mankind, taking down, in one careless fell swoop, what was labored for brick by careful brick, through years of blood, sweat and tears. 


We are coming into a season like never before where our words and the intention of the heart, from wells of truth, will carry its weight in gold. Truth will be a rare commodity, that we must lay down our lives for at ANY cost. Words from the darkened heart will be revealed and weighed for their worth. Careless words for self gain, flattery and promotion will be like weed killer; what was meant to feed the egos of man will bring lifelessness and no gain to the sower. Words that are given in sincerity from deep wells of Heavens wisdom, will supply sweet waters to dry ground, and words that fall on sacrifice will possess the impossible! 


The body of Christ needs discernment, maturity, diplomacy and those who will be noble bearers of truth and peacemakers in times of war. Those who will have the ability to put out fires, have the brevity and bravery to risk their lives to establish fire lines in the wild fires of confusion and chaos, yet have the agility to bridge worlds of misunderstanding. 


You matter. Your words count. Today, you have the ability to be an ambassador of life and liberty, you also have the ability to tear down and destroyYes, words are meant to expose lies, but not designed by God to create them. Words are like light, with laser like precision, meant to shine with power into the dark places, to give sight to the blind, to reveal gold, pearls and precious things. Words were meant to go deep, not to cut and bring pain, but to heal, unshackle and free. 


"Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof."  Proverbs 18:21


For His glory always,



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